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There are several things that can cause your sinks, toilets and tubs to back up; for example, excess hair, sanitary products, foods like vegetable peels and oil, etc. Veterans Plumbing can clear these stoppages, usually quickly and efficiently. But the most potentially damaging stoppages are caused by a main line sewer stoppage, or sewer drain clog.

A main line stoppage occurs in the main sewer line that connects your home plumbing to either a septic tank or your city’s municipal sewer system. If this line becomes clogged, gray, or used water from your home drain system begins to back up, it will eventually start to seep back through your drains in any way possible. This can be extremely hazardous to you and your family for several reasons, such as bacteria and water damage, which leads to mold and other harmful bacteria. So if you suspect a sewer drain clog, call Veterans Plumbing to get it cleared immediately!

The most common sign of a sewer clog is the back up of multiple fixtures in your home at the same time. Normally you will notice it first with your toilets, since they have a direct path to the sewer, but also in your tubs and showers since they sit lower than any sinks and other fixtures in your home. Also, if you get a reaction in one plumbing fixture when using another, it could be a sign of sewer stoppages. For example, if you flush the toilet and your tub or shower drain backs up, etc.


The most common causes of main line sewer stoppages are:

  • Years of built-up, sludge, grease and grime
  • Foreign objects that easily become obstructions
  • Growing tree roots spreading through the pipes
  • Broken or dislocated pipes
  • If your home has a septic tank, an over filled tank


Some do-it-yourself homeowners will try to unclog their sewer lines, and may succeed. Sewer drain clogs can be cleared with a sewer drain snake, which you can rent from your local hardware store. However, it is certainly less hassle, and sometimes less expensive in the long run, to hire a licensed, professional plumber. Veterans Plumbing technicians will have all the tools to not only unclog your sewer, but to also check for the cause and completely clear the pipes so the problems do not persist.

For example, if you have completely blocked sewer pipe, using a drain snake, you will probably poke and prod away until it creates a few small holes in the blockage for the water to flow through. This will often temporarilysolve your problems of water back-ups in your home; however, the problem will usually persist and reoccur often because the pipes were not completely cleared. Veterans Plumbing will make sure that we completely clear those sewer pipes the first time around!


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