Plumber Ft. Lauderdale Fixes Clogged Toilets

Plumber Ft. Lauderdale Fixes Clogged Toilets


Clogged and running toilets

It is very frustrating (and sometimes very messy!) when your toilets will not flush. Water rises in the bowl and begins spilling onto the floor as panic sets in. If a toilet requires plunging on a regular basis, there is probably an obstruction in the trap or farther down the drainpipe. It may even be a symptom of a bigger problem farther down the sewer line. The experts at Veteran’s Plumbing can definitely diagnose the problem and unclog your toilet for good.

If you hear water running in your toilet tank for extended periods after a flush, then your toilet is leaking. This means it is dumping water down the overflow tube and wasting up to 200 gallons of water daily. The problem may be a corroded overflow pipe or flush valve assembly or a worn out flapper valve. Call Veterans Plumbing—you may save enough money on your next few water bills to cover the cost of the toilet repair.


Other plumbing clogs

There are other pipes in your home that can get clogged besides the toilet. Your sinks, tubs and showers all are susceptible to getting clogged and backing up.

Clogs can occur unexpectedly. It seems like they appear during the most inconvenient of moments, like when you are ready to wash your dishes or guests are about to arrive. If you have children, you probably are accustomed to clogged pipes. Many factors may create blockages in your plumbing.


Common causes of clogs include:

  • Feminine hygiene products become trapped in the pipes
  • Grease or oil builds up
  • Hair or floss get entangled in the pipes
  • Dirt and leaves settle into the pipes


For issues such as hair clogs, you can use drain snakes to break up and clean out the buildup. For problems of grease or oil, you can use certain drain openers. However, some matters cannot be fixed easily. The experienced technicians at Veterans Plumbing have the knowledge and expertise to handle the stickiest of situations. To prevent further damage, you should call for professional help.


When to call a plumber:

  • When your drains or pipes need to be disassembled to fix
  • When you need new pipes installed
  • If you do not have experience unclogging blockages
  • When you are just uncomfortable dealing with plumbing issues


Call Veterans Plumbing in Ft. Lauderdale today to fix your clogs!

We at Veterans Plumbing know that there are many how-to videos and manuals available to homeowners on fixing plumbing problems. For the minor drips and clogs, perhaps you will be able to do it yourself. But when you are unsure and you need an expert to take care of your plumbing woes, call Veterans Plumbing.

With over 20 years of experience, Veterans Plumbing provides the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area with a variety of professional plumbing services.  We offer prompt and reliable service to sump pumps, water heaters, faucets, sinks, water lines, sewers, garbage disposals, toilets, and more at reasonable rates. Our team of expert plumbers and drain cleaners are dedicated in providing the best possible solutions for all your plumbing problems or drain repair solutions. We take pride in providing efficient plumbing services that match your needs and your budget.


We offer our customers:

  • Quality Service
  • A Quick Response Time
  • An Honest Diagnosis
  • Reliable Service
  • 24 Hours a Day & Days a Week
  • Discounts to Seniors and Veterans


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