Veterans Plumbing South Florida Summer Solution

Hello South Florida,  Summer is on the way!

Soon Memorial Day, July the 4th and Labor Day will be upon us. Family fun and cook-outs will abound. Families will also be pack up for extended vacation time away.

As usual, prior planning can help prevent some possible costly repairs and damage to property.


Here are some tips to help you avoid some common problems.

#1. Check your garbage disposal for function. When’s the last time you had your kitchen drain cleaned? A stack cleaning now can prevent flooding later. Remember do no put egg shells, coffee grounds or fibrous vegetables. Any kind especially raw onions. Garbage disposals were made for small kitchen scraps.Also, when making pre-cooked food that produces a large amount of grease. Take the grease, put it in a can or empty coffee container and dispose of it in the trash. Do not pour it down the drain.

#2. Avoid flooding damage while away. Every house should have a Positive Shut Off valve. Shut the water off before leaving. If you don’t know where your existing valve is, or it is in poor condition, call us and we will install a low lead ball valve that is easy to use.

#3. In conjunction with shutting your water off, locate your water heater breaker and turn the electricity to you water heater off. Most modern water heaters have very good recovery and you won’t have to wait more than an hour to take a shower when you return.

#4. A good tip for savings and prevention is to have your toilets checked for function. A toilet leak can be very expensive. An unexpected water bill that could be Thousands of dollars can be caused by a leaking toilet especially over an extended time…. Like a vacation.

#5. If you have Tenant, property preventive maintenance is essential. Put in new emergency shut offs and don’t forget those toilets.


To all our customers, we at Veterans Plumbing wish you a Happy and Safe Summer!


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