Leaking Toilets Ft. Lauderdale

Leaking Toilets Ft. Lauderdale

Leaky toilet? Contact Veterans Plumbing in Ft. Lauderdale!

Many of us have experienced a leaking toilet, which needs to be addressed quickly to avoid further damage. But if you aren’t aware of the reason for and source of the leak, you can waste time and possibly cause further damage.


Causes of toilet leaks

The most common cause of a leaking toilet tank is when the flapper fails to seat properly and form a tight seal against the valve seat. This lets water leak from the tank into the bowl. It may be caused by the flapper being out of position. If the water level has fallen below your mark, the flush valve is leaking.

There are other causes of leaky toilets, some of which are:

  • Leaking supply line. There may be a faulty supply line that can cause the toilet to leak. This happens when joints in the supply line become loose or wear out, thus allowing water to seep through. There is also a rubber lining in the supply line used to guard against leakage, which may also wear out or rupture. Another cause of leaking could be mechanical damage to the supply line.
  • Broken tank. A crack can develop in the toilet tank from an impact to it, which can cause leaking. Because the toilet fill valve senses that the water is low, it will continue to add water to the tank, resulting in constant leakage. The crack can be hard to detect because it is a hairline crack, or in a place hard to see.
  • Silent leak. This leak is caused by a warped or worn flapper. Flappers will accumulate mineral buildup and wear out over time. The buildup of chemicals on the flapper is the result of chemicals added to the water to purify it, as well as cleaners put in the toilet tank. The amount of the leak will depend on the extent to which the flapper is worn out.
  • Faulty connections or parts. Connections in the toilet assembly can become loose or worn over time. It’s a good idea to have your toilet connections checked periodically to make sure they are in good condition and replace any worn parts before a leak starts. Rubber linings used to ensure watertight connections also wear away, causing toilet leakage.
  • Faulty fill valve or float. The fill valve wears down with time and is less effective when it accumulates mineral deposits. It may fail to shut off completely, leading to toilet leakage. The float is a hollow ball that floats on the water surface in the toilet tank. When cracked or not well aligned, it causes the fill valve to run continuously.


Broken, damaged, and leaky toilets or improper toilet installation can lead to odors, leaks into the floor, rot, insect damage and mold contamination. Improper toilet tank installation can cause leaks and sudden bursting of the toilet tank. A loose toilet will leak into the floor structure and in the ceiling below, if it exists.

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