Emergency Plumbing Stoppages Can Wreak Havoc!


Why is re-piping important?

There are several chemical solutions sold over the counter that are advertised to unclog drains. Be very cautious using them! They can not only be harmful to your pipes and plumbing system, but the harsh chemicals can also be dangerous to you and your family!

The safest and most effective way to clear stoppages is to hire a professional, like Veterans Plumbing in Ft. Lauderdale. We have an array of snakes and cable to remove the stoppage. We will also determine the cause of the stoppage, some of which are listed below:

  • Sewer Line Stoppage:These can be cause by tree roots and other outside debris, such as leaves, dirt, mold, sticks, and insects.
  • Kitchen Sink:Potato peels and stringy vegetables, along with a few egg shells can be your accomplice for clogging up the kitchen sink, as they are the number one cause of stoppages and backups. Other things such as grease and large quantities of food down the food disposal can also cause problems. In many households, it’s not just the stoppages and backups that are the problem. If food is backed up, creatures such as ants, roaches and even mice/rats can invade your home and target that clogging. That is surely nothing you want to wake up or come home to.
  • Bathroom toilets:Toilet stoppage and overflow can be disgusting and unsanitary. They are caused by waste products, for example, sanitary products, facial wipes, hair, diapers. Even the type or amount of toilet paper can lead to stoppages in your toilet.
  • Bathroom sinks:When it comes to blockages in your home, the bathroom sinks are particularly prone due to the nature of things that go down the sink drain. Hair, soap, shaving foam and toothpaste can all line the pipes, which over time can build up, clog and back up the sink so it does not drain properly.
  • Tubs:Clogged tub stoppages can be a terrible hassle and inconvenience. Unfortunately, tub stoppages aren’t always as easy to fix as other stoppages.
  • The pipes themselves: The type of pipes you have could be disintegrating over time, which can result in pieces of the pipe breaking and stopping up the plumbing.

In some circumstances, the drain cannot be cleared, in which case we would recommend removing and replacing a portion of the pipe. In extreme cases, if cabling or spot repair cannot clean a sewer, you may need the line replaced altogether. Veterans Plumbing can do that as well. Our experienced technicians can excavate, install and clean up afterward so that it looks like we were never there!

Regardless of your drainage problem or cause, Veterans Plumbing can fix it and do it right!


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